viernes, 11 de junio de 2010


How many of you are dead? Well, of course, if I am in a cementery no one will answer, or that it´s supposed to.
Sometimes we could think we are dead becouse school killed our creativity. When I was a child I was able to invent fairy tales, and wrote some of them. And I read then even now and I am surprised. They are really good. But I was so good in mathematics that in some way I was invited to follow that way. And now I can create a good story no more.
How many times happen something like this all over the world. It is really so important to choose one way and leave the other? Why we invite our children to kill his creativity? May be we think, there will be better persons if we left them inside de box, doing the same things than the others.
But when someone is free to think for himself, is able to find a way to do wonderful and marvellous things like Picasso, Shakespeare, Isadora Duncan, or even Bill Gates.

>So we should be thinking of change our way of teaching, and in change our way of leave each one be theirshelves just for increase creativity.

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